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There’s a bird inside my accordion…


Welcome to the new Arturo en el Barco website.

It’s been a long time and a lot has happened. Arturo en el Barco has become a miniature chamber ensemble with three members for my live shows. I’m playing accordion, piano, violin, music boxes and singing while José is collaborating on laptop and synths and Javier is playing banjo, bass recorder, musical saw and homemade electric mbira.

Also, I have a lot of new songs that at the moment we’re just playing in our live shows but I will soon be recording them for my next album.

Here are some of my latest appearances in compilations:

V/A Goodbye, Said The Rain

My song “Burbujas” appears on the compilation titled “Goodbye, Said The Rain” by At At Records from Mexico. The compilation features music by Carrie, Lucrecia, Kate Simko, AGF and many other great female artists from the US, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

V/A – Electronica Unplugged

I contributed a song to the mp3-compilation “Electronica Unplugged” on the Aerotone netlabel! my song is called “Mi Barco” and it’s a preview of the new material. Go ahead to Aerotone and download the compilation for free!

V/A – Pero ese olor en el cuarto del piano fue el primer perfume que necesitó en su vida

My song “Candy Tucker” appears on the compilation “Pero ese olor en el cuarto del piano fue el primer perfume que necesitó en su vida” by the brazilian label “Si No Puedo Bailar, No Es Mi Revolucion”  with other Latin American and Spanish artists such as Carrie, Childs, Souvlaki, .Tape., Caramelitus and many others. Please visit www.cuartodelpiano.com. I promise you’ll have fun!

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