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ü In December, ACT joined the “Green Passage Alliance” (“GPA”) under the hotline 12315 of the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce and became the only enterprise in Beijing accepted by the GPA.

ü In October, ACT officially took over the management of vending machines at BCIA and overall lowered product prices.

ü In March, ACT was entitled of“Beijing 2011 Advanced Enterprise for Implementing the Excellent Performance Model”.

ü In February, ACT was granted with the title of “Beijing 2011 Advanced Fire Control Unit”

ü In December, ACT's brand“AIRCO Comercial”entered the first group of “Chinese Services” exemplary brands advocated by Capital Airports Holding Company (“CAH”), and ACT became one of the “Chinese Services” exemplary units.  

ü In December, ACT officially became a member of the Beijing Association for Quality.

ü In December, ACT held a “With AIRCO Commercial, Enjoy Healthy Life”press conference at Terminal 3 of BCIA to release product quality inspection results.

ü In September, ACT’s Wuhan Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd held a press conference on retail service commitment together with the Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce and the China Consumers’Association.

ü In September, ACT officially issued its AIRCO membership cards, and became the first enterprise issuing membership cards in China’s airport retail industry.

ü In July, Inner Mongolia Branch Company officially operated at Wuhai Airport.

ü In July, ACT launched the Property & Credit Business Card and China CITIC Bank Card programs, covering more than one hundred retail stores in the three terminals of BCIA.

ü In May, ACT officially became a member of the World Business Partner Program in Asia Pacific area of the Airports Council International.

ü In May, ACT officially became a member of the World Business Partner Program of the Airports Council International (“ACI”).

ü In May, ACT was granted with the honorary title of “Enterprise with Class A Tax-paying Credibility” by the Beijing Municipal Office of the State Administration of Taxation and the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau.

ü In January, ACT was awarded with the title of “Beijing Fire Control Safety Entity”.

ü In December, BCIA’s annual passenger throughput first exceeded 70 million. ACT offered the 70 millionth passenger with its AIRCO chestnut chocolate.

ü In December, the passenger services evaluation system officially began to be implemented. The system covered more than 100 stores in the three terminals of BCIA. 

ü In December, ACT was awarded with the “Best Sales Prize”for its licensed merchandise of Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

ü In October, ACT held a press conference on the vocational health and safety management system.

ü In June, ACT’s brand – AIRCO Commercial – was granted as one of the “Famous Trademarks of Beijing”.

ü In September, ACT attended the 2009 ACI Airport Business & Trinity Forum organized by Macau International Airport Company Limited.

ü In May, ACT was invited to attend the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore.

ü In February, ACT was awarded with the “BCIA GatewaySmiling Service Award”.

ü In October, ACT was evaluated as an “Advanced Entity in Supporting the 2008 Olympics & 2008 Advanced Entity” by CAH.

ü In July, ACT Chifeng Branch Company was established.

ü In February, ACT was awarded by the People’s Government of Shunyi District as one of the “Top 100 Enterprises in the Regional Economy”.

ü In October, Changbei International Airport, where ACT Jiangxi Branch Company is located, received the title of the “Best Airport of Shopping Services”.
ü In October, Taiping International Airport, where ACT Harbin Branch Company is located, received the title of the “Best Airport of Shopping Services”.
ü In September, a ceremony was held for ACT and its corporate tenants to jointly execute their service undertaking agreement. Dong Zhiyi, vice general manager of CAH attended the ceremony and started the inauguration. 
ü On August 5, ACT Inner Mongolia Branch Company went into operation.
ü In April, all shops operated by ACT Guiyang Branch Company opened for business.
ü In April, ACT’s Hang Cheng Yidu went into trial operation. 

ü In July, Nanjing Branch Company started operation.

ü In April, ACT’s party committee, trade union and Youth League committee jointly published the company’s internal magazine –AIRCO Monthly.

ü In April, ACT cleared up the shareholdings of its three subsidiaries in Guizhou and Chongqing, set up Guiyang Branch Company and Chongqing Branch Company accordingly, and established Inner Mongolia Branch Company and Changchun Branch Company separately.

ü In January, ACT launched its AIRCO Commercial brand.

ü On May 31, i.e., the World No Tobacco Day, all shops run by ACT suspended their sales of tobacco.

Wuhan Airport Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd.: April 25, 2005

Guiyang Branch Company: May 18, 2006

Chongqing Branch Company: May 26, 2006

Chongqing Hangcheng Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd.: December 7, 2004

Jilin Branch Company: July 26, 2006

Harbin Branch Company: February 7, 2007

Shenzhen Hangcheng Investment Management Co., Ltd.: April 19, 2006

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